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Ahoskie Housing Authority


200 Pierce Avenue
Ahoskie, North Carolina 27910

O. Tyrone Lindsey, Executive Director

P.O. Box 219

Ahoskie, NC 27910                       (252) 332-4104 

The Ahoskie Housing Authority provides Low Income housing programs. Authorities determine housing eligibility and administer two different types of housing assistance programs. Section 8 Housing provides rental assistance to low-income families living in privately-owned rental properties, where Low Income housing is directly owned and operated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


Ahoskie Housing Authority

3-Year Term

 REVISED DATE:      July 20, 2016


             MEMBERS                                                                                          TERM

            Ronald Gatling

            901 N Dr. MLK Drive                          862-8352 (H)

            Ahoskie, NC  27910                            642-3667 (O)                          06-30-2019


            Edgar Swain, Jr.

            208 Circle Drive

            Ahoskie, NC  27910                            332-3950                                 06-30-2017



            Pat Byrd

            921 W. Alton Street

            Ahoskie, NC  27910                            332-4122                                 06-30-2018



            Andre Lassiter

            P. O. Box 774

            Ahoskie, NC  27910                            209-8062 (Office)                    06-30-2018



            Walter Pierce    

            103 Shaftsbury Road                          332-5127 (Office)                    06-30-2019

            Ahoskie, NC 27910            


 Meeting Date – 4th Tuesday at 12:00 P.M.

 Tyrone Lindsey, Director

200 Pierce Avenue

PO Box 219

Ahoskie, NC 27910                                         332-4104