Instructions for Filing an Application for Rezoning

  1. A petitioner for a zoning change must complete the application in full. The application will not be processed unless all information requested is provided.
  2. The filing fee shall be $600.00 plus $755.00 map amendment fee (if approved).
  3. An accurate survey of the property proposed for rezoning must accompany the application. The survey must be completed by a registered land surveyor or professional engineer.
  4. The survey shall include:
  5. The petitioner, or his duly authorized agent, shall submit to the Zoning Officer the following:
  6. The application must be signed by the landowner(s) or by an authorized agent.
  7. Completed requests must be filed with the Zoning Officer no later than the fifteenth (15th) day of the month prior to the Planning Board's meeting date, in order to be place on the monthly agenda.